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About A Patchwork of Old Spies

After countless twists and turns, Josie and Zach are convinced that they are being set up. Nothing seems to make any sense, that is, until Josie discovers the strands that pull everything together. Along the way, there are more questions than answers. Why is everything taking place on Chipley Island? Why are all the old spies they know being rounded up in one place? Why are there so many secret operations? Why is Mossad involved? Perplexed, Josie sums it all up in her inimitable way. When Zach asks her what she really thinks of their predicament, she laughs and quotes a line from her favorite movie, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” But she does, and her doggedness, in the end, helps her survive as well as unravel and expose the international intrigue in which she, Zach, and their friends are caught.

A Patchwork of Old Spies        
Fiction - Espionage        
Gini Anding        
May 2015        
238 pages        

About A Case for Old Spies

What happens to old spies in retirement? Do they simply fade away, never to be heard from again? How do former covert agents accustomed to working clandestinely on a need-to-know basis reorganize their lives? Zach, a weapons expert and trained assassin, wondered from time to time what he was doing as deputy sheriff on Chipley Island. And then the body of a man he had thought dead for many years rolled up on the beach—on his beach at Pirate’s Cove—out of the blue.

Chipley Island is not just any island in Virginia. It is the brainchild of the body in the wetsuit. The man was second-in-command to retired U.S. Navy Adm. Jackson Lee Andrews. Together, the two men directed a top secret agency for the President, and when the group was dissolved, the admiral helped set them up on the island. Did he have an ulterior motive?

Zach and his wife Josie, known for her eidetic memory and once a courier, gather the group and together they resolve to solve the case of the mysterious body on the beach, a spy of the old school, a legendary agent, and perhaps the best spy of all time. As Josie declares, "What was that old devil up to?"

A Case for Old Spies        
Fiction - Action/Adventure        
Gini Anding        
March 2014        
246 pages        

About the Witness series

The Amy Page/Jean-Michel Jolivet Witness series presents multi-plotted novels whose charms are revealed slowly. They are not crime novels per se, although they appropriate many of the genre’s elements. The female protagonist is not a sleuth, although she displays acute powers of deduction. They are not romance novels, although the protagonist and the Inspector become increasingly involved amorously. Rather, the Witness series is about a place, a time, a culture, and a rich tapestry of colorful characters whose existence provides the lifeblood of the narrative. It is against this backdrop that Amy Page and Inspector Jean-Michel Jolivet reveal themselves and their histories to one another.

The novels also give life to the romantic appeal of Paris, its magical Ile Saint-Louis, and the history, culture, and architecture of France. Amy Page is an avid, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable Francophile on a journey of self-discovery. Her curiosity, her love of cuisine and its complexities, her powers of observation, her warmth and generosity, and her love of all things French provide an incomparable setting and atmosphere.

The novels unfold at a leisurely pace on purpose. They display many dimensions and interests along the way, all of which correspond to the heroine’s intellectual and emotional makeup. These are novels for readers who love to read—reading for its own sake—readers who appreciate the possibilities of literature.

Witness on the Quay (2005) is the first in the series. Witness at the Bridge (2006) continues the romance between Amy Page and Jean-Michel Jolivet. In the third novel, Witness in the Square (2006), Jean-Michel and Amy unravel a baffling mystery and take a major step in their relationship. In Witness by the Church (2007), attempts on Amy's life are woven into a search for hidden relics and fabled treasure. In Witness from the Café (2010), Jean-Michel and Amy uncover what it is former spies do in retirement.
Witness on
the Quay
Witness at
the Bridge
Witness in
the Square
Witness by
the Church
Witness from
the Café
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