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Gini's Cookbook (2011)

More from the Amateur Gourmet is a continuation of The Amateur Gourmet, published in 2006. Like its predecessor, it strives to lessen the complexities of gourmet cooking for the everyday cook. It contains recipes that can be prepared just as easily in a small and limited cooking space as in a large state-of-the-art professional kitchen. A few are so effortless that one marvels at their actual simplicity. Again, as in the original, the section on Tips and Techniques provides shortcuts, making the complex dish eminently do-able.

Each page offers the home cook an insight into the world of gourmet cooking, turns the kitchen into an art studio and makes creative cooking an everyday event instead of a mundane boring same old same old. The discerning palate knows good food and really doesn't care if the food served is prepared by a rank beginner, a non-professional cook, or a highly paid chef. All that matters is that the dish taste good and provide the diner with pleasure.

Gini & Amy's Cookbook (2006)

A cookbook for the gourmet chef in all of us, with only one goal—the elimination of frustration. Culinary basics, concise guidelines, time-saving techniques, helpful tips, and invaluable appendices round out the collection of 700+ recipes in The Amateur Cookbook.

Amy Page and I first met in a pastry shop on the main street of the Ile Saint-Louis in Paris. It was a chilly, rainy evening, and both of us were wearing the same navy blue raincoat and carrying identical black umbrellas. At the counter, we both ordered two slices of quiche Lorraine and four small palmiers. Simultaneously, we burst out laughing.

“We could be taken for sisters!” we exclaimed.

From this chance encounter came a magical friendship and The Amateur Gourmet.

Sometimes in the world of fiction, a character takes off and the author loses control. So it is with me and Amy Page in the Witness series of romantic mystery novels: Witness on the Quay (2005), Witness at the Bridge (2006), Witness in the Square (2006), Witness by the Church (2007), and Witness from the Café (2010). Amy is the protagonist in these novels, and she is writing a cookbook, a project that many of her friends thought she’d never finish because of her constant additions and revisions. Even I began to despair of having her find the last period. Fortunately, it just so happens that I share Amy’s love of cooking and interest in all things culinary. Moreover, unlike Amy, I’m not at odds with the demands of publication donkeywork: editing, formatting, alphabetizing, indexing, and proofreading. It was only natural that I take over and make Amy’s cookbook real, proving once and for all that creations of the imagination exist in our concrete everyday reality.

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More from the
Amateur Gourmet
Gini Anding
November 2011
200 pages

More from the Amateur Gourmet

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The Amateur Gourmet
French cookbook
Gini Anding (with Amy Page)
September 2006
435 pages